Economics at Colorado State University

Dr. Stephan Weiler is a Professor of Economics and Research Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University. He received his BA (Honors) in Economics and MA in Development Economics from Stanford University in 1988, and his Economics PhD from UC-Berkeley in 1994 where he studied with eventual 2001 Nobel Laureate George Akerlof.  From 2004 through 2006, Stephan was appointed as Assistant Vice President and Economist at the Federal Reserve’s Center for the Study of Rural America to lead the Center’s applied research work. The Center was the focal point in the Federal Reserve System for rural and regional development issues, providing cutting-edge research perspectives to private, public, and nonprofit decision makers.  Stephan became a frequent speaker before industry, university, and public policy audiences throughout the nation, is a regular contributor to media outlets ranging from the Wall Street Journal to National Public Radio, and has published nearly one hundred articles, book chapters, and policy papers.  His research has spanned a variety of development and labor market issues in Africa, Appalachia, Europe, and the American West. His current work focuses on regional economic growth and development, particularly in rural and inner-city areas, combining theoretical, empirical, and policy analyses on topics such as information, innovation, industrial restructuring, land use, public/private partnerships, immigration, entrepreneurship, and the environment. These various elements inform his role as founding research director for the Colorado Innovation Report, begun in 2012 with a broad-based coalition of leaders from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to understand and enhance the state’s innovative capacities.  In 2014, Dr. Weiler received the prestigious Stern Award for superior performance in teaching, research and professional service by a senior member of the faculty.  His popular senior seminar on regional economics gives students an opportunity to interact with political and economic leaders from around the state.

Selected Publications:

Zahran, Sammy, Lori Peek, Jeffrey Snodgrass, Stephan Weiler, and Lynn Hempel (2013) “Abnormal Labor Outcomes as a Function of Maternal Exposure to a Catastrophic Hurricane Event during Pregnancy.” Natural Hazards, 66, 61-76.

Low, Sarah and Stephan Weiler (2013) “Measurement and Story-telling in Regional Science: An Intergenerational Perspective on Lessons Learned from Andrew Isserman.” International Regional Science Review, 36(1), 69-80.

Zahran, Sammy, Daniele Tavani, and Stephan Weiler (2013) “Daily Variation in Natural Disaster Casualties: Information Flows, Safety, and Opportunity Costs in Tornado versus Hurricane Strikes.” Risk Analysis, 33(7), 1265-1280.

Schaeffer, Peter, Stephan Weiler, and Scott Loveridge (2014) “Urban and Rural: Opposites No More!” Economic Development Quarterly, 28(1), 3-4.