ECON 202, an undergraduate economics class, is being taught in a lecture hall; the presentation highlights pressing issues facing economists.

Why Study Economics?

Economics is about more than money. It’s about how humans make decisions, respond to incentives, and pursue their goals in the face of limited resources. Economic analysis provides a logical method for understanding individual behavior and its larger consequences. As part of CSU’s College of Liberal Arts, we go beyond supply-and-demand to bring in big-picture debates about economic perspectives and policies. 

Economics helps you understand how the world works – and offers a way to improve it. 
Economic analysis is often common sense. We emphasize a broad, policy oriented, liberal arts approach to the study of economics, one which appeals to students of many different backgrounds and interests. We examine how wealth and poverty are generated, how the economy grows or shrinks, how governments try to manage the economy, how countries are connected in global markets, and many other topics that affect our day-to-day lives. We can use that knowledge to craft policies that can help solve many pressing problems like poverty, inequality, and climate change.  

Economics is a versatile major that can be a gateway to many career paths. There are CSU Economics alumni working in government, finance, nonprofit organizations, law, academia, and much more. Our students develop a framework for thinking analytically, and they also get the data and communication skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Early career salary of economics majors nationally is $56,700 – higher than business and most other majors in the College of Liberal Arts! 

Contact Us

Current Students

For more information about the undergraduate program, contact:

Economics Department Office:
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Prospective Students

For prospective students interested in economics, we offer tours of the College of Liberal Arts, encourage class visits, and give the option of chatting with one of our faculty and staff.