Edward Barbier to launch latest book “Economics for a Fragile Planet” March 10

University Distinguished Professor of Economics Dr. Edward B. Barbier will deliver a seminar on his forthcoming book Economics for a Fragile Planet on Thursday, March 10, as part of the economics department’s seminar series. The event, which is free and open to the public, will start at 4 p.m. in Clark Building A, Room 205.  […]

Professor Stephan Weiler’s new REDI blog

Professor Stephan Weiler is on sabbatical this semester and has been visiting the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom as a Fulbright Distinguished Research Chair. Weiler is working on furthering the partnership between REDI@CSU and City-REDI. He has been asked to write a series of blog posts introducing himself, explaining how this partnership was […]

New study published by Professors Zahran, Mushinski, and Li

A new study by Professors Sammy Zahran, Dave Mushinski, and Cher Li has found that the quantity of delivery complications in hospitals are substantially higher during nights, weekends and holidays, and in teaching hospitals. The study, “Clinical capital and the risk of maternal labor and delivery complications: Hospital scheduling, timing and cohort turnover effects,” was published […]

Corporations need to step up to preserve the world’s biodiversity

Economics Department Professors Edward Barbier and Joanne Burgess co-authored an article with Professor Thomas Dean of the College of Business titled “How to pay for saving biodiversity” which was published in the prestigious journal Science on May 4, 2018. They argue that to preserve the rich array of species around the world, corporations will need to engage and contribute […]

The Divide Between Rural and Urban America, in 6 Charts

By Brian Thiede, Lillie Greiman, Stephan Weiler, Steven C. Beda and Tessa Conroy Editor’s note: We’ve all heard of the great divide between life in rural and urban America. But what are the factors that contribute to these differences? We asked sociologists, economists, geographers and historians to describe the divide from different angles. The data […]

“Why inequality is the most important economic challenge facing the next president” by Steven Pressman

Why inequality is the most important economic challenge facing the next president By Steven Pressman Finding a way to reduce inequality is key not only to solving a host of other problems but also to rescuing America’s fast-disappearing middle class.   Radio interview on the Matt Townsend Show can be heard online at: https://www.byuradio.org/episode/0fab7b1b-99cc-4907-beb4-f54b342db2d2/the-matt-townsend-show-income-inequality-psychology-of-scary-films-parent-previews?playhead=968&autoplay=true

“Opinion: A vote for minimum wage is a vote for jobs” By Alexandra Bernasek and Michael Martin

Opinion: A vote for minimum wage is a vote for jobs By Alexandra Bernasek and Michael Martin The article was published in the Coloradoan. View the article at: http://www.coloradoan.com/story/opinion/2016/10/26/opinion-vote-minimum-wage-vote-jobs/92771632/

“Could Colorado’s proposed health care plan be a model for the rest of us?” by Anders Fremstad on The Conversation

Could Colorado’s proposed health care plan be a model for the rest of us? written by Anders Fremstad. The article was published on The Conversation. View the article: http://theconversation.com/could-colorados-proposed-health-….

Colorado Economy on the Rebound – Mostly

“Colorado has more jobs than ever before, but recovery from the Great Recession continues to elude some areas of the state.” Those are some of the findings included in a report from Colorado State University’s Regional Economics Institute (REI). Dr. Martin Shields, CSU Economics Professor, said work needs to be done to help Colorado’s economy fully […]