This week’s episode of the Biophilic Solutions podcast features University Distinguished Professor Edward Barbier discussing his latest book, Economics for a Fragile Planet (Cambridge, 2022).

This week we’re diving into environmental economics, specifically how global economies can start valuing nature and shift to a model that is greener, more inclusive, and more democratic. Have you ever wondered why many environmentally damaging industries receive government subsidies while natural raw materials are treated like inexhaustible resources? What about businesses who maintain the status quo even though their bottom line would benefit from incorporating more sustainable practices? We’re tackling all of this and much more with economist Edward B. Barbier.

Dr. Barbier is a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics at Colorado State University, where his main expertise is in environmental and resource economics as well as international environmental policy. He has served as a consultant and policy analyst for a variety of national, international and non-governmental agencies, including many UN organizations and the World Bank. His latest book, Economics for a Fragile Planet, provides solutions and action items for building a green economy.

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