Daniele TavaniProfessor of Economics Daniele Tavani has been selected for the 2022-2023 University of Southern California (USC) Berggruen Fellowship.

Founded in 2010 by philanthropist and investor Nicolas Berggruen, the Berggruen Institute aims to develop foundational ideas and critical analysis to unlock enduring progress for political, economic, and social institutions in the 21st century. The Berggruen Fellowship—which will welcome its 8th cohort to Los Angeles this fall—invites scholars to contribute to contribute to its programmatic work in the Future of Capitalism, Future of Democracy, the Planetary, and Future Humans.

As a Berggruen Fellow, Tavani will spend the academic year in residence at USC working on the distributional effects of fiscal policy—public investment in particular—and on developing an analytical framework to understand “green Keynesianism” and its implications for working people. His most recent work focuses on the political economy of secular stagnation, the retreat of the government from economic activity, and the decline in the labor share and the rising wealth inequality in the Neoliberal era.

Tavani currently serves as the Graduate Program Director in the CSU economics department and is a faculty affiliate in the Ph.D. in economics at Sapienza University of Rome, his hometown. He is a coauthor, together with Duncan Foley and Thomas Michl, of Growth and Distribution, Second Edition (Harvard, 2019). He has published extensively on the economics of growth, technological change, and the distribution of income and wealth from a Classical and post-Keynesian perspective.