We welcome a new face to the Economics Department this year, Assistant Professor Zachary Schaller!

Dr. Schaller earned his B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Western Colorado University in 2015 and his doctorate in Economics from the University of California, Irvine in June 2020. Schaller’s research fields are applied micro-theory, labor economics, and economic history. His work so far focuses on American labor unions, using a combination of empirical methods and economic theory to understand the decline in union prevalence and bargaining power. His research is motivated by the increasing disparity between worker’s wages and labor productivity. He says, “As labor markets have become more polarized in the United States and much of Europe there is increasing evidence that real economic losses can stem from distributional issues.  I wish to understand how these changes came about and how they have impacted people’s lives.”

Dr. Schaller will be teaching two sections of ECON 204, Principles of Macroeconomics, this fall semester. When asked about his teaching philosophy, Dr. Schaller said, “One of the wonderful things about economics is that it imparts such a useful way of thinking about the world. I hope that my students will take away not only enthusiasm for the discipline, but also a new language and a new lens through which they can view their jobs, majors, finances, politics, and communities.” He hopes to arm his students with the quantitative literacy and strategic thinking ability they need to navigate complex social issues, such as racism, climate change, poverty, health care, and inequality.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Schaller join our amazing team of faculty members!