Dr. Edward B. Barbier, University Distinguished Professor of Economics at Colorado State University, has been listed among the world’s most-cited scientists in an index published by Stanford University in 2020. Barbier is ranked #1 for career-long citations in the subfield of Agricultural Economics and Policy.  

Barbier’s most recent work examines habitat loss and the risk of disease outbreak. Barbier is also contributing to United Nations conversations on COVID-19 and rebuilding a green, sustainable global economy.

Citation tools, such as the Hirsch index, are frequently used as an indicator of a researcher’s international recognition and reach. The Stanford University group, headed by Professor John P.A. Ioannides, achieved a universal normalization of citation metrics by introducing a composite citation index which integrates the total number of citations, the H-index, a co-authorship-adjusted index, number of citations to papers as single author, number of citations to papers as single or first author, and number of citations to papers as single, first, or last author. 

Based on these studies, the Ioannides group generated data lists with the top 100,000 researchers in the world from every scientific discipline, as well those ranked in the top 2% in their main subfield discipline, during their academic career.