Wisnu Nugroho

Ph.D. candidate Wisnu Setiadi Nugroho is one of many international scholars who choose CSU for graduate study. Originally from Indonesia, Wisnu previously worked for Universitas Gadjah Mada and as a quantitative researcher for the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) in the Vice President’s office for the Government of Indonesia. Given his […]

Austin Landini

Ph.D. candidate Austin Landini is one of many scholars who came to CSU because of our strengths in regional economics. As a student here, Austin has worked closely with Dr. Stephan Weiler within the Regional Economics Development Institute (REDI@CSU) to explore the relationship between demographic change and local community economic health, with an intent to […]

Ashish Sedai

For Dr. Ashish Sedai, an applied microeconomist and development economist, CSU’s Ph.D. program in economics provided peace and purpose to do meaningful research. Throughout his childhood in rural India, Dr. Sedai observed the gendered burden of water collection and distribution, as well as the impacts of unreliable access to electricity in the home. His scholarship […]

Sarah Small

Dr. Sarah Small is among many scholars who came to CSU’s Department of Economics for our unique courses in heterodox and feminist economics. In her time here, Dr. Small served as a fellow for Feminist Economics alongside editor Elissa Braunstein, which provided the opportunity to learn about the scholarly publishing process. After taking CSU’s graduate […]

Teresa Perry

For Dr. Teresa Perry, an applied microeconomist, CSU’s Ph.D. program in economics was full of meaningful experiences. As an instructor, Dr. Perry contributed to research on the impact of curriculum reform on diversity and inclusion in economics alongside Dr. Anders Fremstad and fellow Ph.D. student Sarah Small. Her courses have included both macro- and microeconomics, […]