For Dr. Teresa Perry, an applied microeconomist, CSU’s Ph.D. program in economics was full of meaningful experiences.

As an instructor, Dr. Perry contributed to research on the impact of curriculum reform on diversity and inclusion in economics alongside Dr. Anders Fremstad and fellow Ph.D. student Sarah Small. Her courses have included both macro- and microeconomics, as well as electives: Working With Data, Gender in the Economy, and Racial Inequality and Discrimination. Dr. Perry also had the opportunity to be an Advanced Math Teaching Fellow at the 2020 American Economic University Summer Program at Michigan State University, where she was named a Best Teaching Fellow. While finishing her degree, she has also been teaching at the Colorado School of Mines.

While at CSU, Dr. Perry was awarded a competitive Graduate Research Assistantship in 2021 to research the impact of violence on cigarette use with mental health as a mediator, a collaborative project completed with Professor Dave Mushinski. She also was named Outstanding Graduate Researcher in 2020.

This fall, Dr. Perry moves west to continue researching and teaching as an Assistant Professor at California State University San Bernadino.

Quick Facts


Ph.D. Economics, Colorado State University (2022)

M.A. Economics, Colorado State University (2019)

B.A. Economics and Math, University of California Santa Barbara (2013)

Dissertation: Three Essays on the Impact of Social Factors on Substance Use

Advisor: Professor Dave Mushinski

Fields: Public economics, regional economics, and political economy

In Her Own Words

What inspired you to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics? 

When I graduated from UCSB with my undergraduate degree I started working as a management trainee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. As I moved my way up and became a manager, I was able to figure out what I wanted in a lifelong career. I loved mentoring and teaching my employees and knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I had never considered the possibility of getting a PhD as an undergraduate student, but after doing some research I realized that I could get my PhD for free in a subject that I loved. I decided to apply for graduate schools that day.

Why did you choose CSU for your Ph.D. in Economics? 

I chose CSU for my PhD program because it was a heterodox program that focused on teaching in Fort Collins. When I visited CSU for my flyout the graduate students were fun, excited, and passionate about economics. It was exactly what I was looking for in a PhD program!

What has been the best part of your experience as a graduate student in ECON? 

The culture at CSU has been great for enhancing learning and encouraging comradery. It’s been a privilege to go back to school to learn more about economics and I have really enjoyed it. I’ve also met some lifelong friends that I will cherish forever.