Ann Gill, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, honored the recipients of the College of Liberal Arts 2013-14 Faculty Awards at the Spring Faculty/Staff Meeting and Awards Celebration on Wednesday, April 23rd at the University Center for the Arts University Dance Theatre. These awards acknowledge the accomplishments and efforts of the outstanding faculty and staff members within the College.

The College of Liberal Arts honored faculty and staff at its annual awards celebration.

Faculty Development Award

Provides support for outstanding research and/or creative activity for five to seven faculty members per year.

  • Karrin Anderson, Communication Studies
  • Nathan Citino, History
  • Constance DeVereaux, Music, Theatre, & Dance

Curricular Innovation Award

Recognizes faculty innovations in areas including but not limited to program development, instructional methods, service-learning, and technology integration. This is a combined award.

  • Kurtis North, Elizabeth Sink, and Amanda Wright, Communication Studies

Distinction in Advancement Award

Recognizes a member of the College who has made outstanding contributions to the fundraising efforts of CLA.

  • Sue Pendell, Communication Studies

Excellence in Teaching Awards

Recognizes one outstanding teacher in each of the following categories: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Special & Temporary Faculty, Tenure-Track Faculty, and Tenured Faculty.

  • Christopher Blake, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Economics
  • Lorella Paltrinieri, Special & Temporary Faculty, Foreign Languages & Literatures
  • Maite Correa, Tenure-Track Faculty, Foreign Languages & Literatures
  • Kyle Saunders, Tenured Faculty, Political Science

Ann Gill Excellence in Teaching Award

Recognizes two faculty members who are instrumental in students becoming life-long learners, critical/creative thinkers, outstanding communicators/performers, successful in their careers, and engaged and caring citizens of their various communities.

This award is new for 2013-14and was established by CSU alumnus Dennis Repp through a $100,000 gift. This gift will allow the College of Liberal Arts to make two substantial awards each year over a five year period.

  • Eric Aoki, Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty Award, Communication Studies
  • Mako Beecken, Non-Tenure-Track Award, Foreign Languages & Literatures

John N. Stern Distinguished Professor Award

Recognizes faculty who have demonstrated exemplary accomplishments in all aspects of their professional responsibilities over an extended period of time.

  • Fernando Valerio-Holgiun, Foreign Languages & Literatures


Dean Gill also recognized the College’s 2013 – 2014 retiring faculty and staff:

  • Carol Calliham, Philosophy, 29 years of service
  • Patricia Coronel, Art, 31 years of service
  • Bill Davis, Music, Theatre, & Dance, 30 years of service
  • Margaret Gough, English, 21 years of service
  • Katie Kiefer, English, 35 years of service
  • Jim Landers, Journalism & Technical Communication, 12 years of service
  • Lola Logsdon, Art, 14 years of service
  • Paola Malpezzi Price, Foreign Languages & Literatures, 30 years of service
  • David Milofsky, English, 25 years of service
  • Julia Morrigan-McDonough, Art, 38 years of service
  • Sue Pendell, Communication Studies, 35 years of service
  • Donna Rouner, Journalism & Technical Communication, 27 years of service
  • Steve Schwartz, English, 30 years of service
  • Stephen Simons, Art, 25 years of service