COIN: Finding tech workers still an issue

COIN: Finding tech workers still an issue, as is rising housing costs Certification schools, outreach to women, millennials boost qualified tech workforce When the Colorado Innovation Network published its first talent report in 2012, it noted a startling decline in students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math. That’s still a concern, but COIN […]

NIST Economics Team

NIST Economics Team doc – Drs. Sammy Zahran, Harvey Cutler, Martin Shields and Daniele Tavani The Center of Excellence for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning at Colorado State University, funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), will accelerate the development of system-level models and databases that will provide the technology for enhancing community resilience […]

Welcome Prof. Anders Fremstad

The Economics Department welcomes our newest faculty member – Dr. Anders Fremstad. Anders is a new assistant professor of economics at CSU.  His interest in economics was first sparked by debates on issues like living wages and free trade.  After earning his B.S. in International Political Economy at Georgetown University, he spent a year volunteering at […]

Major Decisions: What Graduates Earn Over Their Lifetimes

  There is ongoing debate in policy circles, the media, and around kitchen tables about the value of a college degree. Given the investments of time and money involved, some skeptics—and likely some students and their families—are asking if the returns to college are really worth the costs. Do college graduates tend to earn more […]

Economics Professors Receive College Awards

CONGRATULATIONS ECONOMICS PROFESSORS – Assistant Professor Dr. Daniele Tavani received the CLA Excellence in Teaching Award.  He is an innovative teacher who engages the students with hands-on data exercises that bring macroeconomic models to life.   and Professor Stephan Weiler received the prestigious Stern Award for superior performance in teaching, research and professional service by […]