Department of Economics alumni, current students, faculty and staff gathered at the Lory Student Center for a memorable retirement party for Dr. Charles Revier and Dr. Chuen-mei Fan.
Among the stories shared by Charles’ and Chuen-mei’s former students and work colleagues, many of them were about Chuen-mei’s cooking, Charles’ sense of humor, and each of the professor’s caring and considerate manner toward their students.

Alumnus Stephanie Schwiff remembered how L.S. and Chuen-mei took her-and her dog- into their home while she searched for a place to live, while another former student John Olienyk- now associate dean in the College of Business at CSU- thanked Chuen-mei for providing a home away from home.

“I remember Chuen-mei and L.S. for their generosity. They provided a home for us graduate students-especially those who were far from home,” he said.

As the first woman in the department, Chuen-mei was also remembered for her rapid fire teaching and trailblazing.

“Chuen-mei was the first woman in the Department of Economics,” said professor Alex Bernasek. “She’s been an incredible mentor and an incredible inspiration to women in economics.”

As the former chair, Dr. Revier’s emphasis on technology and “bringing the department into the digital age” was an accomplishment that professor Nancy Jianakopols recalls.
“If it weren’t for Charles, we would still be using typewriters,” she said.

Among his accomplishments after 36 years in the department, all stories about Charles were centered around his humor.

“Dr. Revier is my favorite professor at CSU because he is so funny. I’ll never forget the first day in class when he said ‘budget surplus’ and started laughing,” said undergraduate James Clark. “He is also willing to take the time out to discuss what’s going on in the world without pushing his views upon his students, and for someone who can be as naive as me, that’s something I have always appreciated.”

As the party came to an end, Charles and Chuen-mei spoke about their time at CSU.

“The department has always seemed like one big family, and I am going to miss you all very much,” said Charles as Chuen-mei stood next to him and nodded. “It’s been a wonderful ride.”

See the slideshow below of pictures that capture the years that Charles and Chuen-mei were with us in the Department of Economics. You may find yourself in one of them!