Congratulations to Bret Anderson for his well-deserved college award for excellence in teaching! Bret is a special instructor soon to finish his Ph.D. He teaches principles of macroeconomics both as a large lecture and online. His enthusiasm and sheer success in the classroom have garnered him a number of awards and nominations for teaching effectiveness.

This year he was nominated for the Alumni Association’s “Best Teacher Award,” the Greek Life Community Teaching Award, and Student Housing’s “Favorite Faculty or Staff Member” Award. He received last year’s Outstanding Graduate Economics Student Award for teaching from the Department of Economics.

Bret was also rated as “exceeds expectations” in last year’s annual faculty evaluation. The faculty member who sat in on his class wrote the following:

“Bret is an excellent teacher. His command of the subject matter is very good, his presentation and organization of lectures are both very good, and his rapport with the class is great. Bret can serve as a role model for other instructors.”

We have been very lucky to have him serve as one of our instructors.