Professor Steven Pressman evaluates President Trump’s new tax plan

Donald Trump’s Tax plan does none of the things he claims, says Professor Steven Pressman in his latest op-ed published on The Conversation site. In response to Trump’s “middle-class miracle” tax plan announced on September 27th, Pressman deems the plan “not fit to become law of the land because it will enrich the rich, explode the […]

How does our sharing economy impact the environment?

  The term sharing economy is a relatively new concept but as CSU Economics professor Anders Fremstad points out, “There’s a lot of excitement around the sharing economy, and I’m excited, too, but it’s important to recognize that people have been sharing things forever.” The Washington Post posted an article on Monday 9/18, “The sharing economy […]

Taking American jobs? A Labor Day look at the work immigrants do

Professor Stephan Weiler contributes to an eye-opening article that was published by The Post Independent on September 3, 2017. The article explores the question of immigrants being culpable in taking jobs from native-born American citizens. Dr. Weiler points to California’s economy as an example that disproves the theory that immigrants are responsible for some of America’s high unemployment rates. He notes that 27% […]

How Many Adjunct Professors Are on Public Assistance

Someone Calculated How Many Adjunct Professors Are on Public Assistance, and the Number Is Startling By Jordan Weissmann Once in a while, someone publishes an article about adjunct professors who resort to food stamps in order to survive on the rock-bottom pay that so many college instructors are expected to live on. But until today, […]