Political Economy


The department is one of the few in the country with a vibrant research program in political economy drawing on feminist, Marxist and broader heterodox traditions. Our research spans the investigation of the interaction between economic growth and income distribution; the development of gendered theoretical frameworks and empirical analyses of the causes and consequences of economic growth and development, and the political economy of money and international finance.

Graduate Courses


EEcon 771 Political Economy of Race & Gender — Economic approaches to inequality based on race/ethnicity, gender, and class.

ECON 772 Marxist Political Economy — This course will survey the economic method of Marx and Marx's critique of Political Economy. The themes of the course will include Marx's analysis of Value, Money and Labor, the reproduction schemes and the circuits of crisis, capitalist dynamics and the theories of crisis and finally Marx's analyses of credit and finance At the end of this course students would have become familiar with the approach and method of Marxian analysis, surveyed major issues and debates in contemporary Marxian political economy and critically assessed the relevance Marxian analysis to contemporary capitalism.