Economics Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Apply for scholarships October 1, 2021 - March 1, 2022.

The Economics Alumni Scholarship

Established in 1998, the Economics Alumni Scholarship is made possible by contributions from alumni, faculty, and staff members.

The $1000 Alumni Scholarship is awarded each year to one incoming first-year student (admitted as of April 1) with an interest in Economics. It is based on academic qualification and renewable for four years.

Alok Mehta Scholarship

The Alok Mehta Charitable Trust established this endowed scholarship in honor of CSU alumnus Alok Mehta, who graduated with a degree in Economics in 2000. Alok was working in the First Tower at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and has been missing since that date. This scholarship honors him and all victims of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attack.

The Mehta Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate majoring in Economics with a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to members of the Triangle Fraternity or those involved with the Boys and Girls Club or other community engagement.

Ben W. Garcia Economics Scholarship

The Ben W. Garcia Economics Scholarship was established by an economics alumnus who graduated in 1981. The purpose of the scholarship, established in 2015, is to benefit those who are pursuing an interdisciplinary approach to economics by using knowledge from other social science or humanities fields to help explain economic phenomena.

The Garcia Scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior full-time undergraduate economics major. Applicants must submit a paper written for an economics class that illustrates an inter-disciplinary approach to economics by a) combining the analytical methods of economics with the analytical methods of another social science, b) applying economic analysis to a cultural, social or political topic, or c) introducing cultural, social or political considerations into an economic analysis of an economic topic.

Ed A. Hewett Scholarship

Established in 1993, this scholarship honors the memory of Ed A. Hewett, a distinguished 1964 alumnus who served as Special Assistant to President George H. Bush and Senior Director of Soviet Affairs at the National Security Council from 1991 to 1993. It is made possible by contributions from friends, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Hewett family.

The Hewett Scholarship is awarded to a junior majoring in Economics with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Selection is based upon the submitted essay and merit, not necessarily on financial need. Preference is given to students with a demonstrated interest in global affairs.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Each year, the Undergraduate Program Committee selects the recipient of this award by inviting the 10 senior Economics majors with highest cumulative GPA to submit their resumes and a personal statement of their educational experience and personal goals.

Outstanding ODE Undergraduate Paper

Each year, ODE makes $500 awards to the best undergraduate term papers written in Economics courses in the past academic year.

Graduate Student Scholarships & Awards

L.S. & Chuen-mei Fan Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship honors L.S. & Chuen-mei Fan, who taught and mentored students for over 30 years at CSU. They also guided students through the process of applying economic principles and theories outside of the classroom.

The Fan Scholarship is awarded each year to an Economics graduate student who has passed the Ph.D. qualifying exam and holds at least a 3.0 GPA.

Terry Ozawa Graduate Economics Fellowship

Established in honor of faculty member Dr. Terry Ozawa, this graduate fellowship was established with gifts from Professor Ozawa's former students, colleagues, and many friends in the profession.

The yearly Ozawa Fellowship is awarded to a graduate student who has completed all requirements for the Ph.D. in Economics and maintains at least a 3.0 GPA with good academic standing.

Dissertation Fellowship

The department awards two fellowships each year to PhD students who are working on their dissertation research. The purpose of the fellowships is to release the students from teaching obligations for a semester to allow them to accelerate their progress on their research, on a condition that students cannot pursue other paid work during the time they receive the fellowship. Recipients of the fellowship are required to submit a report at the end of the fellowship period detailing what they were able to achieve. These fellowships carry a monetary award comparable to a 2-course teaching load each, plus a partial stipend toward health insurance.

Graduate Research Assistantship

Graduate students at any level are eligible to apply for money to support research undertaken in conjunction with a faculty member. The student and faculty member jointly apply for this research funding. The purpose of this $5,500 assistantship is to provide a student with research experience working with a faculty member with the expectation that the collaboration will result in a publishable paper.

Outstanding Graduate Researcher

Each Spring, the Department awards a cash prize to an outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated excellence in research.

Outstanding Graduate Teacher

Each Spring, the Department awards a cash prize to an outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated excellence in teaching.

ODE Best Paper

Each year, the department recognizes a first-year graduate student for writing an excellent paper for a course. Students submit their paper with a memo from the instructor for the course attesting to theirs being one of the best papers submitted for that course. This award has a cash prize of $500 attached to it.