PhD Candidate



Lackson was born in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. Raised by his lovely mom, he took charge of his education, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Statistics from the University of Zambia and an MBA from Copperbelt University (Zambia). After honing his skills at the Bank of Zambia and Zambia Revenue Authority, he soared to northern Sweden for an MSc in Economics at Umeå University. Now pursuing a Ph.D. in the US, Lackson aims to revolutionize Africa's development discourse.

Inspired by his firsthand encounters with poverty, education became his driving force. With a passion for solving societal enigmas, he delves into Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Public Economics, and International Economics.

Beyond his intellectual pursuits, Lackson's heart races for beautiful cars and the thrill of motorsport.

First Generation Story

From humble beginnings to soaring heights, meet Lackson - a first-generation Ph.D. student with an extraordinary tale of inspiration and determination. Raised by a strong and resilient single mother, education is the beacon of hope that lights his path. With little education themselves, his parents instilled in Lackson the transformative power of knowledge. As a child, Lackson's dad departed early, leaving his mom to nurture three young boys with love and courage. Despite the challenges, she relentlessly emphasized the importance of education, sowing seeds of ambition in Lackson's heart. Now, on the cusp of completing his Ph.D., Lackson is on the verge of realizing his dreams and honoring his mother's beliefs in her children. The deep desire to make his family proud has propelled every step of his journey.


  • ECON335 Introduction to Econometrics


    This course is an undergraduate-level introduction to econometrics in which the tools of economic theory, mathematics, and statistical inference are applied to the analysis of economic phenomena using R statistical software.

  • ECON304 Intermediate Macroeconomics


    This course builds upon the concepts learned in principles of macroeconomics to develop a more in-depth comprehension of the theoretical foundations and apply those models to real-world analysis.