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Since 2008, CSU and the Foreign Trade University (FTU) in Hanoi have been in partnership to operate the CSU - FTU Vietnam Economics Curriculum Project. Intended to assist FTU to develop its undergraduate curriculum toward international norms, during the first 6 years (Phase 1) the project was motivated and supported by Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training. The success of that original project enabled its transformation into a long-term self-financed inter-university program with activity currently scheduled to at least 2018.

To date, the program has involved dozens of CSU faculty members teaching scores of CSU economics and business course sections at FTU; numerous FTU lecturers visiting CSU for curriculum training; nearly 100 FTU students transferring to CSU to complete their undergraduate degrees in a 3+1 plan; a trial program sending CSU students to FTU for Study Abroad; and several valuable spin-off activities.

For more information contact Professor Robert Kling at Robert.Kling@ColoState.edu or read additional material below.Keddie (2)

General Program Description

Program Fact Sheet

Activities and Benefits

Information for FTU Students

General Information on Transferring
3+1 Transfer Plan for Cohort 4

Information for Participating Faculty Members

Phase 1 CSU-at-FTU Schedule
Phase 2 CSU-at-FTU Schedule
FTU Lecturers Visiting CSU

Travel to Vietnam - a short video  http://www.nytimes.com/video/travel/100000003200448/36-hours-in-hanoi.html?emc=edit_th_20141030&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=54705880

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Photo of Dzung and Trung

Dzung and Trung

Photo of Zin, Huyen, Ngoc, Ha, Lin

Zin, Huyen, Ngoc, Ha, Linh

Photo of Van Anh, Viet Anh, Dzung, Thao

Van Anh, Viet Anh, Dzung, Thao

Photo of Hien, Hieu, Nga, Nam

Hien, Hieu, Nga, Nam

Photo of Tra Vy, Huy, Leanne, Linh

Tra Vy, Huy, Leanne, Linh

Photo of CSU FTU students

Photo of Louis, Joe, Kane, Bale, Henry

Louis, Joe, Kane, Bale, Henry

Photo of Hien, Arita, Aimee, Lizzie

Hien, Arita, Aimee, Lizzie

Photo of Long, Hoang, Thanh, Khanh

Long, Hoang, Thanh, Khanh

Photo of Jane, Anna, Yuna, Tracy, Kim

Jane, Anna, Yuna, Tracy, Kim

Photo of Cleo, Hine, Silver, Clare

Cleo, Hine, Silver, Clare

Photo of Elise, Mai, Lien, My, Hanh

Elise, Mai, Lien, My, Hanh

Photo of Bobby, Hoa, Ly, Tarah

Bobby, Hoa, Ly, Tarah