Kenese Io

Contact Information

Phone: 3035071264


Office: Clark C314

Role: Student

Position: Academic Mentor for SASS

Department: Academic Support Center and Economics


Hello, my name is Kenese Io.  I am from Parker, Colorado.  I completed my undergraduate at Hastings College with bachelors in economics and philosophy.  During my time at Hastings I  was blessed with the opportunity to play football for 4 years.  I am now a 1st year student in the PhD program for economics.  I am very interested in relating the history of economic thought to contemporary economic issues.  I find it very helpful to take a relative approach to economics with the understanding that the studies done in the discipline are done to provide a unique perspective on contemporary issues and each theory may be supported by its context.  I am always willing to work with any students that may be struggling in their undergraduate economics courses as well.


Bachelors in Economics and Philosophy