The Rocky Mountain Research Data Center (RMRDC)

The RMRDC allows statistical analysis of economic, population, and health data collected internally and confidentially by federal statistical agencies. These data are NOT otherwise available for public use. It is a physical laboratory

located in Boulder, set up according to the guidelines of the Census Bureau to ensure the data are protected and used only in ways that minimize the risks of unlawful disclosures.

Economic Data: Censuses and surveys of business establishments and firms. Linked Business and Household Data combine federal and state administrative data on employers and employees with core Census Bureau censuses and surveys.

Population Data: Censuses and surveys of households and individuals includes all records and complete geography (in many cases down to the block). Items such as income are not topcoded. Individual identifiers such as name, address, and social security numbers are not included.

Health Data: Restricted data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), including various surveys that have been linked with death records, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment and claims, and Social Security benefits.

For additional information, please view the link from September 29, 2016 presentation: Rocky Mtn Fed Statistical Data Center

Information regarding CSU’s participation in the Center, please contact Anita Pena at: